Love cameras? Then watch this funky animation!

If you love cameras (and don’t we all?), check out Antonio Vicentini’s short and funky animation, “The Camera Collection“, a vignette of Antonio’s personal history with cameras.

This minute-long pixilated animation commences with a box camera similar to the 1930 Brownie, touches on some fun retro models like the Lomography camera from the 1980s, includes the good ol’ disposable of course, and ends with a contemporary DSLR.

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Take a photograph, pass it on: The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project is a fascinating global photography experiment founded and curated by Matthew Knight.

Disposable cameras are left in public locations around the world, each accompanied by an invitation to its finder to shoot some images and then pass the camera on to someone else. At the end of its journey, the camera is returned to Knight and his team, who upload the captured photos to share with project followers.

So far, since April 2008, the team’s visited over 70 countries, released over 350 cameras, and travelled over 700,000 kilometres – that’s almost to the moon and back!

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