Everything will be ok

Everything will be ok (animation still)

image ⓒ Don Hertzfeldt

I just stumbled across a delightfully quirky short film via the wonderful Lomography site. It’s titled “Everything will be ok”.

Created in 2006 by Don Hertzfeldt, this little gem’s been enjoyed all around the world and has received numerous accolades, including the Best Short Film (Jury Prize) at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Described as “moving” and “darkly original”, this animation’s a fabulously imaginative combination of engaging little stick figure drawings and lo-tech 35mm filmography and provides the viewer with a host of sigh-inducing glimpses of life.

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Discover the wonders of pinhole photography

Wishing Trees pinhole image

The Wishing Trees
image ⓒ SWS

I love pinhole photography – it’s easy and such fun!

In fact, the above photograph’s one of my first attempts with a pinhole camera… but what exactly is a pinhole camera, you may ask?

A pinhole camera is a camera without a conventional glass lens. Instead, an extremely small hole in a thin material is used to focus light rays from an object onto light-sensitive paper or film.

The shutter of a pinhole camera usually consists of a manually-operated flap that covers the pinhole. There’s no viewfinder, and the ideal exposure is a bit of an experiemental guessing game – just part of what makes pinhole photography such fun!

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Make photos at home with a simple DIY darkroom

PhotogramsRecently I’ve been pondering what to do with an unopened box of Ilford black & white photographic paper, as sadly I no longer have access to a chemical darkroom or enlarger.  But then a recent Photojojo article fortuitously reminded me of the joys of making photograms!

Have you heard of photograms? (That’s a very basic example above, and below – two of the very first I ever made.)

above images ⓒ SWS

More importantly, did you know you can easily make funky images at home with a simple do-it-yourself darkroom? If no, read on! (If yes, why not go ahead and read on anyway?!)

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