The small print

The large print giveth, but the small print taketh away…

Tom Waits

This blog is purely personal and not-for-profit. I don’t endorse products commercially or receive any sponsorship.

Absolutely do post comments, I’d love to hear from you – but please note that:
a. they must be relevant to the topic;
b. they can be closed or removed from a post by me at any time; and
c. they may be deleted by me if written in any language other than English, or contain external links.

Please note that all copy and images are mine (ⓒ SWS) except where indicated. Should you wish to use any of my content, please link it back to my blog. Thank you for your courtesy.

Featured images
When I publish another person’s photograph, I always credit the original source. Should you find an image here that belongs to you and due to an oversight hasn’t been correctly attributed, please do let me know and I’ll rectify the error post-haste or, if you wish, remove the photograph from the site altogether.

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