Food photography tutorial: styling and composition

Like to learn how to photograph food like a pro? Then check out this short video tutorial from David Loftus for some great introductory tips about styling and composition:

Photographing food: 10 essential ingredients for tasty images!

Stonesoup lemon meringue piesRemember when cookbooks just featured plain boring text? No stunning mouth-watering Stonesoup green chickpea saladimages tempting you to break your diet?

Today, the visual appeal of food is considered just as important as how it tastes. And if you’re considering creating a food blog, you’ll want to know how best to photograph your favourite dishes.

Advice on how to shoot terrific food photography (and how to create a successful food blog) can be found in the book Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob, and over at Dianne’s fab blog too.

Dianne’s never met a successful food photographer who wasn’t also a foodie – so if you love both photography and food, you’re sure to excel!

Here are ten of Dianne’s top tips for tasty photography:

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