Surreal Lensbaby images by Vangelis Bagiatis

What I Imagined You'd Be Like by Vangelis Bagiatis

Photographer and IT analyst Vangelis Bagiatis was born in 1978 and lives and works in Athens, Greece. He dedicates most of his free time to photography.

His recent work creates moody, abstract, surreal scenes with a Lensbaby Composer, which seems like the ideal tool to realise his creative inspiration.

Here are more of Bagiatis’ atmospheric images for your viewing pleasure… be sure to click to view larger versions

A Hallucination Of Salty Trees by Vangelis Bagiatis
Rise And Fall by Vangelis Bagiatis
A Simple Morning by Vangelis Bagiatis
Blossom Expectation by Vangelis Bagiatis
Breath Of A Flat Society by Vangelis Bagiatis
Embraced By The Bright Light by Vangelis Bagiatis
Everything Is Quiet (Over The Surface) by Vangelis Bagiatis
Lonely City by Vangelis Bagiatis

Peace On The Aegean Sea by Vangelis Bagiatis
A Companionate Walk by Vangelis Bagiatis
Spinning Round by Vangelis Bagiatis
The Snail by Vangelis Bagiatis
Walking Through Mist by Vangelis Bagiatis
You can view more of Vangelis Bagiatis’ work here.

And if you’d like to know more about the Lensbaby Composer technique, see the ‘how to’ video here.

Hmm, I think I want one… you?

2 thoughts on “Surreal Lensbaby images by Vangelis Bagiatis

  1. Ooooh these are wonderful – they have that otherworldly look and feel. A kind of science fiction look as if looking into our dimension from another.

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