The shimmering cityscapes of Stephanie Jung

I recently came across an evocative series of cityscapes by German photographer Stephanie Jung on Arhitektura+, in which the artist applies a clever technique of multiple exposures to create pleasingly dramatic effects in her images.

See below for some more examples of Stephanie’s very individual perspective on urban landscapes



images © Stephanie Jung

Of Stephanie’s work, Stephan Reisner says:

Taken directly from everyday life, they are coated with a vibrating texture of gradual shifts of perspective, intentional transparencies, and intense coloring. The optical dynamic formed in the eye of the viewer resembles a Cubist sleight of hand, a delayed fanning out of perspective. A random moment in city life is prolonged; the motif appears multiplied and like a repeating trace of itself. Precisely this dynamic vibration of space leaves the images with an imaginary but also visually convincing sense. They appear to be very individual, as it is precisely such non-descript structures as power lines, banners, lanterns, or car colors that become the form and constitute urban identity.

I really like this series with its multiplications, echoes, flurries, and blurs. Indeed, Stephanie’s images are reminiscent for me of Italian Futurist Giacomo Balla’s striking 1912 painting, Dynamism of A Dog on a Leash (below), which playfully incorporates multiple limbs in an effort to address an age-old pictorial problem – how to indicate a body in motion within a static image? Here Balla depicts a scurrying dachshund dog with eight discernible tails, its legs obscured in a flurry of blurry overlays…

Similarly, in Stephanie’s images, the urban landscape isn’t static, fixed, inanimate, but rather seems to vibrate, hum and resonate. Her cityscapes are alive and in constant motion.

So what do you make of Stephanie’s images – do they appeal to you too? Please do share your thoughts!

(If you’d like to check out additional examples of Stephanie’s work, you can view more of her portfolio here.)

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4 thoughts on “The shimmering cityscapes of Stephanie Jung

    • I’m delighted you like these images too, Jalal – I should clarify though just in case there’s been a misunderstanding that these photographs are not my own, but rather were made by Stephanie Jung. I’m pleased too that you enjoy my blog – I appreciate the positive feedback! Thank you for dropping by…

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