Photographers conserving wilderness

Rock Island Bend by Peter Dombrovkis

Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend’, Tasmania, by Peter Dombrovskis
source: National Library of Australia

Through their images, photographers can play a prominent role in increasing public awareness about the importance of conserving wilderness for future generations.

For instance, on my island home of Tasmania, photography has played a hugely influential role in the campaign to conserve the Tasmanian wilderness, particularly the work of prolific photographers Olegas Truchanas and his protégé Peter Dombrovskis, who each hailed from The Balkans and together shared a bond like that of father and son.

Olegas Truchanas (left) & Peter Dombrovskis (right)

Olegas Truchanas (left) and Peter Dombrovskis (right)

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The female nude as landscape

The association of woman with nature (and man with culture) has been a long-standing tradition within Western culture, and it’s interesting to see how this manifests in the portrayal of the female nude in photography.

The naked woman in the landscape, for instance, has been a particularly potent and popular image, reinforcing the association of woman with nature, the curves of her body seen to reflect the natural topography of the land.

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