Surreal Lensbaby images by Vangelis Bagiatis

What I Imagined You'd Be Like by Vangelis Bagiatis

Photographer and IT analyst Vangelis Bagiatis was born in 1978 and lives and works in Athens, Greece. He dedicates most of his free time to photography.

His recent work creates moody, abstract, surreal scenes with a Lensbaby Composer, which seems like the ideal tool to realise his creative inspiration.

Here are more of Bagiatis’ atmospheric images for your viewing pleasure… be sure to click to view larger versions

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The shimmering cityscapes of Stephanie Jung

I recently came across an evocative series of cityscapes by German photographer Stephanie Jung on Arhitektura+, in which the artist applies a clever technique of multiple exposures to create pleasingly dramatic effects in her images.

See below for some more examples of Stephanie’s very individual perspective on urban landscapes


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Picture this: Australia’s green desert

The saturating rains of La Nina have had an extraordinary impact on the Australian landscape, the firey reds and earthy browns for which this sunburnt country’s interior is so renowned replaced by expanses of green which hum with life.

With a longstanding interest in environmental photojournalism, photographer Peter Elfes has spent the past three years documenting the amazing transformation in a series called Green Desert.

This photographic essay reflects the significant value of photography in highlighting the critical importance of preserving our natural heritage.

Of his work, Peter explains:

To me photography is an art in observation. I see the abstract forms of nature, like nature’s poetry and the more time I spend in nature, the more I understand her poetry.

Here are some sample images from Peter’s gorgeous series:

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Impressionist photography – Louise Mann

How could anyone not feel buoyed by these wonderful Impressionist photographs by Louise Mann? The luminous light, the sparkly seas, the happy leaping dancing dogs… I absolutely love these images!

(Mental note to self to try to achieve something at least approaching these delightful captures with our own dogs sometime soon…)

Louise lives in Perth, Western Australia, and I discovered her photography while I was  experimenting with in-camera abstractions (see My projects).

Of her work, Louise says:

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