Take a photograph, pass it on: The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project

The Disposable Memory Project is a fascinating global photography experiment founded and curated by Matthew Knight.

Disposable cameras are left in public locations around the world, each accompanied by an invitation to its finder to shoot some images and then pass the camera on to someone else. At the end of its journey, the camera is returned to Knight and his team, who upload the captured photos to share with project followers.

So far, since April 2008, the team’s visited over 70 countries, released over 350 cameras, and travelled over 700,000 kilometres – that’s almost to the moon and back!

Out of 350 cameras, 30 have been returned to date, providing amazing images, stories and journeys – including locations like The South Pole, Greenland and Cambodia.

The project doesn’t aim to make money, but rather just to get cameras into as many hands as possible to discover what far-flung stories can be captured.

“Most importantly,” Knight says, “the majority of people on our planet are lovely, wonderful and interesting human beings, and capturing even only the smallest portions of their life is, for me, endlessly inspiring and fascinating.”

Here are just a few from the diverse range of images returned so far…

Sounds like fun, don’t you think? So, why not get involved in this fab global community experiment yourself? If you’d like to create your own Disposable Memories Project camera kit, just provide the team with your email address at their website and they’ll send you instructions and a unique code so you can get started! Good luck!

thoughts? let me know what you think!

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