Impressionist photography – Louise Mann

How could anyone not feel buoyed by these wonderful Impressionist photographs by Louise Mann? The luminous light, the sparkly seas, the happy leaping dancing dogs… I absolutely love these images!

(Mental note to self to try to achieve something at least approaching these delightful captures with our own dogs sometime soon…)

Louise lives in Perth, Western Australia, and I discovered her photography while I was  experimenting with in-camera abstractions (see My projects).

Of her work, Louise says:

I use photography as a means of self-expression. My images are not classically photographic in the sense of reporting the literal; I use the camera as a means to convey an interpretation rather than to record.

My figurative work looks more towards representing an experience arising from a fleeting impression. The accent is always on light and colour rather than sharp detail and form.

If you’d like to learn more about Louise’s creative process, and have about an hour to spare, check out the documentary film, ‘Louise Mann: from Mukinbudin to New York’, which follows her journey from relative anonymity to an invitation to exhibit in New York.

So does Impressionist photography float your boat?

thoughts? let me know what you think!

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