Every iPhoneographer needs this…


Whether you’re a professional photographer, an enthusiastic amateur, or simply a curious person with an iPhone and the desire to experiment with photography, this book is for you.

Think of iPhoneography as a mobile method for making art as you move through life—at the very moment inspiration arrives.

The Art of iPhoneography 2

I love this book. It’s full of inspiration for any iPhoneographer – a rich resource packed with creative suggestions, insights, and ideas.

As the book’s author Stephanie C Roberts says, making images with your iPhone can help you craft compositions in a more organic way, hone your instincts to anticipate magic moments, loosen up your traditional approach to photography and illuminate a path toward defining your unique vision.

So what makes the iPhone camera such a powerful creative device for a photographer?

  1. You rarely go anywhere without it, which means you increase the odds of your ability to capture fleeting magic moments as you move through the day.
  2. Its slight size and weight make you less obtrusive and more agile. Because you’re not hiding behind an impressive SLR, it’s nearly impossible for your subjects to take you seriously as a photographer. This is good. People are more at ease in your presence and your images will be better.
  3. What you lack in fine-tuned shooting control (i.e., no aperture, shutter speed, nor ISO settings) you gain in image-processing flexibility and speed—freeing you up to focus on your subject and composition

Here’s a closer sneak peak inside the covers of The art of iPhoneography:








So, if you’re looking for an iPhoneography book that will keep you motivated and excited to keep shooting, this is it!

You can purchase a copy of the book at Amazon and get the interactive version for iPad from iTunes.

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