Amazing photographs – printed on string!

I recently came across the imaginative photography of Hong Sung Chul, whose current body of work showcases his amazing string concept – a visual representation of what ties humans together from the earliest stage of life… the umbilical chord.

These strings, on which an image is printed, are staggered in his works and interlace to reveal a final representation – one of support or loneliness.

Here are more examples of Hong Sung Chul’s work for your viewing pleasure:

Let me know what you think of this fascinating photographic use of string – I’d love to hear your impressions! (In fact, there’s a comment box below just for this purpose! 😉 )

And if you’re keen to experience more of Hong Sung Chul’s body of work, just click here.


4 thoughts on “Amazing photographs – printed on string!

  1. Still wondering how the print over the strings is made…it lures you to move around and find out what the interaction experience is

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