The largest & most sophisticated camera in the world!

Vanishing Cultures – An American Portrait is an amazing year-long project which will use the largest and most sophisticated camera in the world.

The project will produce a series of documentaries capturing individual portraits, unique languages and accents, regional music and landscapes of vulnerable culturesEskimos, Native Americans, cowboys, Cajuns and more.

It will use a camera like no other…

The project will use a classic but collossal film camera, the Eye of America, which captures microscopic detail. Measuring over 10 metres long and nearly 2 meters wide, the camera is so huge that a person can actually work inside it! Check out the following brief video to see what I mean…

It will be a project that’s sure to inspire… one image, one person, one click…

This 32,000 km road trip across America will not only celebrate the country’s vanishing cultures but will also point to the progressive disappearance of film photography.

The negatives will be so large that they’ll be taped to a window for inspection, the resulting portraits viewed in stadium-sized exhibits.

See the short video below for an informative overview on this exciting initiative!

Still curious? Click here to learn more…

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