Is that Proust playing air guitar?


Is the late, great French novelist also the progenitor of every wannabe rock star’s favourite pastime?

Marcel Proust was a man ahead of his time. His innovative novel Remembrance of Things Past is, of course, well known. But did he also revolutionise air guitar?

This 1891 photograph suggests he deserves some of the credit. That’s the famous author, kneeling at centre, ripping off some wicked imaginary riffs on a catgut racquet.

Was Proust the first?

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Here’s a smile for your dial…



Yakini, a newborn gorilla, receives a thorough checkup from Royal Children’s Hospital neonatal specialist Neil Campbell at Australia’s Melbourne Zoo, and is more than a little surprised by the chilliness of the stethoscope!

Tee hee! đŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this too…