Don’t miss these stunning flower portraits


This stunning image was made by the Italian photographer Valentina Ruggiero.

She received a Master of Arts in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and works across several mediums, including photography, painting and digital image manipulation.

Here are more of Valentina’s striking floral portraits for your viewing pleasure…

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The dahlia & the bee

The dahlia & the bee

image ⓒ SWS

I’m posting this image today because outside it’s cold, windy and showery, and I figure the day could do with some brightening up.

And because I love dahlias and bees. And this image happens to capture both. At the very same time.

Are these good enough reasons? Sure they are!

I hope this particular dahlia and this certain bee, which I photographed recently at our niece’s wedding, brighten your day too!