Hipstamatic 262 is out now – and so is Silver Lake HipstaPak!

hipstamatic 262 Silver Lake HipstaPak

Start your downloads. After over a week of false starts and hitting refresh in HipstaMart a jillion times, Hipstamatic 262 is finally out now. Included in the update is the long-awaited new Silver Lake HipstaPak, available as an in-app purchase of $0.99. As expected, the Silver Lake HipstaPak includes the new Abbie Lens and Dixie Film.

hipstamatic 262 silver lake, dixie film, abbie lens

The 262 update is light on new features. The main one is the new HipstaPak. I’ve had a chance to shoot a little bit around the house this evening. The Silver lake HipstaPak is definitely one of the better paks. Along with the the excellent Tintype SnapPak, the Haus of Hipstamatic are on a roll.

According to the descriptions, The Abbie Lens is “inspired by the Wonderful Abigail Spencer, (the) lens adds beautiful light to any situation. The lens washes the image in very warm, yellow tones — almost like one of the “cross process” filters found in some analog photo apps but not as washed out. It’s much better than a sepia.

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