Models wear high speed milk as traditional 1940s pinups

London based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, has created a 12 month calendar inspired by retro calendars featuring 1940s pinup girls. Except the girls aren’t wearing clothes—they’re wearing milk! Very fast milk.

Frozen with high speed strobes, each image is layered from hundreds of photographs capturing splashes on real models using real milk. Inspired by iconic images from artists like Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz shoots up to 200 frames to complete an image. The frames are then layered in Photoshop and combined seamlessly to complete the dress.

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The making of a magazine cover shot

How many poses do you think it takes to capture a magazine cover shot?

How about Coco Rocha‘s 19 poses in 30 seconds! Check out this video featuring the recent shoot by fashion photographer Tony Kim…

Not sure I’d have the energy to be a photographic model, even if I did look like Coco Rocha! What about you?