Vivian Maier – one of the world’s most mysterious street photographers

image by Vivian Maier - January 9, 1957, Floridaimage by Vivian Maier (Florida, 9 January 1957)
© 2013 Maloof Collection, Ltd.

In 2007 John Maloof, a 26-year-old real estate agent involved in historic preservation of Chicago’s Northwest Side, strolled into an auction house and placed a $380 bid on a box of 30,000 prints and negatives from an unknown photographer.

Realising the street photographs of 1950s/60s era Chicago and New York were of unusually high quality, he purchased another lot of the photographer’s work, totalling some 100,000 photographic negatives, thousands of prints, 700 rolls of undeveloped colour film, home movies, audio tape interviews, and original cameras.

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Impeccable timing! Check out this image…

‘Other side of the world’
© Jianwei Yang

How’s this for a fortuitous capture!

Photographer Jianwei Yang explains:

I took a few shots with the boy and the girl standing on both sides and then the train just came in. I then clicked 4 times and found this.

You can see more of Juanwei’s work here.

I can’t say I’ve ever been so lucky, but have you received any happy surprises like this when reviewing your images after a shoot? Do tell!

Lombok: faces and places – a photographic essay

A selection of images from our recent holiday to the islands of Lombok, Indonesia. The photographs are best viewed large for better detail, so if any take your particular interest, please do click to evoke the bigger version!

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