Tasmania’s Tarkine: A threatened wilderness

Hillary Younger Midas Touch, Tarkine Coast, TasmaniaHillary Younger’s ‘Midas Touch’, Tarkine Coast, Tasmania

One threatened wilderness. One hundred artists taking action to save it.

Bob Brown's Tasmanian Devil Footsteps on Tarkine Beach, TasmaniaBob Brown’s ‘Tasmanian Devil Footsteps on Tarkine Beach’, Tasmania

In 2015, the groundbreaking arts event, Tarkine in Motion, was born. Across a single weekend, over 70 artists visited Tasmania’s Tarkine and created paintings, songs, music, films and photographs for exhibitions and concerts across southern Australia.

In 2016 it’s happening again. You can help bring it to life.

This year, 100 artists are returning to the Tarkine, to capture the wild and scenic beauty of its forests, coasts, rivers and mountains.

Art awakens people to place and plight. In 2016, 100 artists will awaken even more people to the plight of this ancient place.

David Murphy's 'Bones', Tarkine, TasmaniaDavid Murphy’s ‘Bones’ – Tarkine, Tasmania

Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine is in the remote northwest corner of Australia’s island state. Blanketed in serene rainforests, with vast button grass plains and mountains sweeping down to meet the jagged coastline which shreds the wild Southern Ocean, this is an ancient yet threatened place.

‘The Tarkine cannot be taken for granted. The current policies of Liberal and Labor, state and federal, are to turn it into a logging and mining province. More than ninety percent is under mineral exploration licence and logging is proceeding in the eucalypt forests and rainforests of the Tarkine. The heritage coast is under pressure from rapid degradation by off-road vehicles ripping through middens and Aboriginal hut sites.’
— Bob Brown

With your support, the 2016 Tarkine in Motion project will help protect the Tarkine by capturing, expressing and sharing its unique, fragile landscapes with the world.

The Bob Brown Foundation is making a new bid to turn the Tarkine’s urgent plight into a national and international campaign – for only people power can rescue it from the three-pronged mechanised invasion now underway.

For more details, see: Tarkine in Motion 2016 by Bob Brown Foundation

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