A new angle on oceanic imagery


Australian photographer Ray Collins first picked up a camera in 2007 and used it to photograph his friends surfing around his coastal home after long shifts working in a nearby coalmine.

His attention quickly shifted from his friends to patterns and forms he noticed in the waves. Collins, who is colourblind, was also drawn to the interplay of light and water, perhaps more attuned to contrast than the nuance of color.

He poetically refers to this switch from coalminer to fine art photographer as a balance between his “black life and blue life”.

Here’s some more of Ray’s striking oceanic imagery for your viewing pleasure:

RayCollinsSeascapes5RayCollinsSeascapes6 RayCollinsSeascapes7 RayCollinsSeascapes8 RayCollinsSeascapes9 RayCollinsSeascapes10RayCollinsSeascapes12RayCollinsSeascapes13

You can learn more about Ray and his craft in the following video …

Accolades, awards, and sponsorships have been heaped on Collins, leading to the publication of his first book, Found at Sea. He also has a wide variety of prints on his website, and you can follow his photography day-to-day on Instagram. (via Laughing Squid).

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