Instant and forever – surreal Polaroid art by Wendy Bevan

This is a selection of images from Inventory: 10 Polaroid Years, an exhibition featuring London photographer Wendy Bevan’s archive, currently on show at The Cob Gallery, London.

Wendy Bevan is known for her surreal aesthetic, and a tender, sympathetic portrayal of the feminine form, working exclusively in Polaroid film.

Each Polaroid acts as Bevan’s negative, from which she works free from digital manipulation. As such they are distinct, precious, and totally unique objects, being exhibited for the first time in a pop up show.

One of the charms of working exclusively with Polaroid film, is that the collection I have in my photography archive is vast, and ever expanding. Having worked as a photographer for nearly a decade, I have decided to sell a selection of these Polaroid’s from my archive of thousands of images, which remain unseen, and unpublished. ‘Inventory’ is a journey through the last 10 years of my photographic work on Polaroid.

The photographs in the show are a selection of personal works, and unpublished images from commissions for many of the major publications that Bevan has worked for, including Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Russia, I-d, Harpers Bazaar, Muse Magazine, Nylon, How To Spend It, Marie Claire Italia, Stiletto, The Independent.

You can view more of Wendy Bevan’s work over at her website, and see more details of the exhibition here.

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