Haunting ‘portraits’ of polar icebergs

camille-photography iceberg

This is an image made by Native American photographer, Camille Seaman.

Camille’s amazing ‘portraits’ of the towering icebergs of the great oceans portray so well the complex beauty of these massive, ancient chunks of ice and the fragile environment of polar regions.

These images are best appreciated large, so do click to view bigger versions


Of her subjects, Camille says:

Each iceberg has its own individual personality‚Ķ Some refuse to give up and hold on to the bitter end, while others can’t take it anymore and crumble in a fit of dramatic passion.

Quite lovely, don’t you think? I really am in awe of the natural world.

camille-photography iceberg 3

Camille’s stunning images allow us to glimpse the exquisite beauty of these incredible environments, places most of us will never have the opportunity to experience for ourselves…

photographer-camille-seamanShe says:

I approach the images of icebergs as portraits of individuals, much like family photos of my ancestors.

If you’d like to learn more about Camille and her work, check out the video below and visit her website here.

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Shards of turquoise ice jut out of the world’s largest lake

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