A point of view: fabulous cityscapes from on high

Cityscape & urban landscape photography by Navid Baraty

Brooklyn-based photographer Navid Baraty left an unfulfilling career in engineering to pursue his photographic passion. He was drawn to photography by its amazing ability to stop time, revealing unexpected details that the eye might otherwise never see.

Navid is expanding his work into photojournalism with the desire to accurately portray humanity and shape the way people think about the Earth. His intense curiosity and love of travel has made him determined to explore the world’s most extreme and beautiful environments on every continent.

Navid’s work has won numerous awards and has appeared in publications and exhibitions worldwide. His work has also been used in a large-scale installation.

Enjoy more of Navid’s work below:

For more cityscape and urban landscape photography by Navid Baraty:

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Selecting an intriguing, less-than-obvious point of view is often the key to making great images, don’t you think?

In the above photographs, interesting patterns not otherwise seen are revealed by shooting from a high vantage point. Even just raising your camera over your head can produce some amazing images. Or by getting down beneath the scene and shooting upwards.

Nothing will improve your photography faster or make you appear more ‘creative’ than an imaginative viewpoint. And I suspect no other photographic technique is as neglected by the many of us producing pictures.

Think I’d best go find myself a tall building – and some kneepads! 🙂

thoughts? let me know what you think!

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