10 cats clearly plotting to kill their owners…

killer kitty 1

1. Oh HAI! Prepare to die.

killer kitty 2

2. Kibbles has even picked out the cemetery plot.

killer kitty 3

3. Even Smokey is shocked by the brutality of his brother’s evil plan.

killer kitty 4

4. Shadow is displeased with her human slaves.
The last time this happened, the undertaker had a very busy week.

killer kitty 5

5. Mr. Tickles just cut the phone line…

killer kitty 6

6. Misty doesn’t really want to kill her owners, but the voices aren’t giving her much choice.

killer kitty 7

7. “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger
those who attempt to ration my Friskies…”

killer kitty 8

8. Philip has decided that tonight is the night to execute his plan.
For now, he waits.

killer kitty 9

9. This will be the last time Princess Penelope’s humans ever go on a trip.

killer kitty 10

10. “There, there. All this will be over soon. Really soon.”

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Okay, I acknowledge this post is more about cats than photography, but a little comic relief never goes astray, right? 🙂

thoughts? let me know what you think!

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