Be inspired by smartphone photographer Dilshad Corleone

Take three minutes to check out this inspirational, well-shot video featuring some great advice from smartphone photographer Dilshad Corleone about shooting, composing and telling a story with an image.

Of his practice, Dilshad says…

I am fond of having my black and white street images look as if they were stuffed in an old shoebox for the last 30 years. Or that you looked down on the street and found an image that 100 people just stepped-on. I very much try to bring an analog feel to my digital images. I love the grunge, the dirt, the grit! I love the unspoken London, the untold London, with heavily blurred background! Men with big, long beards and hats! Characteristic and peculiar faces! I see, I shoot and I go!

It is difficult to analyse the why behind my subjects, or to describe what are my favourite subjects. It is very much like when you fall in love and you feel the butterflies, yes, that is exactly how I feel when I see something that I want to shoot. iPhoneography and street- photography has given me the power to tell my stories, what I see and what touches me!

Dilshad’s enthusiasm is infectious, don’t you think? Are you feeling inspired? Share your thoughts!

| source: Life In LoFi |

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