Fancy a telephoto lens for your iPhone?

Well, then here it is!

This little (big) lens gives iPhone shots uber-telephoto powers… 8x the powers to be exact! Powers never thought possible with the iPhone’s built-in lens.

Here’s how it works: the lens comes with a sleek, matte black iPhone case. Just twist the lens onto the case, compose your shot, twist the grip on the manual focus ring to make it sharp, then click!

Here are some sample images

When you’re not using the lens, just leave your nifty new case on and slip the lens in your pocket (try that with a 500mm Sigma!). It’s a lens and case in one, always at the ready.

If you’re looking for a more composed shot, you can use the collapsible table tripod (included) to steady and focus your photos. It’ll come in super handy when you’re shooting in low-light. Also, the mini ball-socket twists to shoot from any angle: horizontal or vertical.

Compatible with iPhone 4/4S, the lens comes with a phone case, a mini-tripod and a cleaning cloth.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it – I think it would be particularly useful for street photography… even if it does look a little comical!

If you’re keen to try one for yourself, you can buy the iPhone Telephoto Lens at the Photojojo Store for US$35.

So what do you think – are you tempted to add one of these to your bag of iPhone accessories?

12 thoughts on “Fancy a telephoto lens for your iPhone?

    • 🙂 Personally I don’t discriminate in the same way… for me, anything that makes an image – from a paint tin that’s had a teeny weeny hole drilled into it and some photosensitive paper taped inside… to an iPhone… to a high end SLR – is a camera. And I’d have to say that in my experience, each of them is fun to use and has the potential to make great images.

      I’m grateful for you taking the time to post your impressions and for adding to the debate! Let’s see what others think! (Don’t you just love that photography’s such a subjective matter?!)


        • US$35… I haven’t tried one either, but I think it sounds interesting! I guess the key benefit of accessories like this is that most take their phone with them everywhere, while not everyone religiously carries a camera, so there’s a lot more opportunity for capturing images that would otherwise be missed.

          Do let us know if you take the plunge – and of course your critique!


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  2. Yes! I actually was lamenting my lack of a telephoto lens this morning while trying to get a shot of these really cute sparrows out the window and then I open up my email and prestomagico there is a solution. Thank you!

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