Astonishing insect photography

Uda Dennie 01

© Uda Dennie

Stavros Markopoulos 01© Stavros Markopoulos

Soheil Shahbazi 01© Soheil Shahbazi

Popumon 02© Popumon

Popumon 01© Popumon

Ondrej Pakan 03© Ondrej Pakan

Ondrej Pakan 02© Ondrej Pakan

Ondrej Pakan 01© Ondrej Pakan

Melchiorre Pizzitola 01© Melchiorre Pizzitola

Leon Baas 01© Leon BaasLee Peiling 01© Lee Pelling

Hugo Marques 01© Hugo Marques

Bug Eye 01© Bug Eye

BLOAS Meven 01© Bloas Meven


I imagine even those with an aversion to insects couldn’t help but be impressed by the astonishing detail captured in these macro images… What do you think? Do these photographs float your boat? Do tell!

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