Mesmerising portraiture using flour… yes, flour!

Check out the following behind-the-scenes video demonstrating how these amazing shots featuring model Elodie Blain surrounded by a serene cloud of flour were captured by photographer Thomas David

Gorgeous, don’t you think? Share your thoughts!

16 thoughts on “Mesmerising portraiture using flour… yes, flour!

  1. Beautiful and fantastic idea. I’ve seen a few flour photographers over the last few nights, but I like this method most. Probably the easiest to setup and clean up!

  2. Very interesting. Reminded me of the many innovative photographers I came to know
    and learn from at School of Fototechnik -Delhi-India (
    They create fizz in soda and shoot..and different types of and white
    and using different media ..but this is first time I saw this idea..Great work.

  3. Thanks for that its great to gain an insight into behind-the-scenes of a shoot like this, i normally assume that images like these are done in Photoshop, as everyone else is over using filters!

    • Hi Ryan – delighted you enjoyed the post… fancy flash techniques aside, it’s quite amazing what lovely portraits can be achieved with a shake of simple household flour!

  4. Hey Susie, thanks for this. It is so simple, cheap and so much fun to photograph! We tried it over the weekend and both model and photographer had a lot of fun trying out different techniques.

    • Hi Liz,

      It’s fabulous that you tried this … and I’m delighted you had so much fun with it! Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to provide your feedback …

      You’ll need to try this next!


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