The making of a magazine cover shot

How many poses do you think it takes to capture a magazine cover shot?

How about Coco Rocha‘s 19 poses in 30 seconds! Check out this video featuring the recent shoot by fashion photographer Tony Kim…

Not sure I’d have the energy to be a photographic model, even if I did look like Coco Rocha! What about you?

2 thoughts on “The making of a magazine cover shot

  1. Perhaps I am being a touch cynical but from experience I’ve found more prima donna’s behind the camera then in front, i.e. account execs, clients, makeup artists, stylists… the list goes on.

    A good model can really make a shoot a pleasure and a painless experience. The first studio I worked in I remember being told,” if you don’t get the shot in the first roll then it will be an up hill struggle” :))

    • Thank you for your insights, Jon – I’ve had no experience with fashion photography at all, so it’s interesting to hear of yours! I appreciate you dropping by…

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