Use Instagram as a Mac screensaver with Screenstagram

Screenstagram is an Instagram screen saver

So what is Screenstagram?

Quite simply, it’s a screensaver for your Mac that displays Instagram images in a beautifully suited array on your idling screen.

Here’s what OSXDaily had to say recently…

There are tons of interesting pictures posted to Instagram all the time, but unless you’re using the iOS or Android app you can’t really see what’s going on there. That’s where Screenstagram comes in – it creates an attractive screensaver using an array of images pulled from either public photos or your personal Instagram feed.

There aren’t many options within the screensaver, but you can either specify a Instagram login and pull pictures from your own feed and who you follow, or just let it load from the “popular” public feed. For what it’s worth, Screenstagram is really at its best when you follow some interesting people who post things you actually want to see and not necessarily random photos from John Q Public.

If you’re not an Instagram fan you can also use Flickr feeds as screen savers, or go the oldschool route and build your own with a folder of pictures directly in Mac OS X.

Keen to see how Screenstagram works? Here’s a brief animation demo

I’m using Screenstagram to generate my screensaver at the moment and really taking pleasure in the variety of images it evokes!

So what about you, are you interested in trialing it too? If so, here’s a video that demonstrates how to install the software… I found the process straightforward and haven’t experience any problems since installation, so good luck and enjoy!

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