She can leap tall buildings – can you?

Today I’m sharing with you the creatively clever work of Heidi Lender, leaper of tall buildings!

Of this series, Heidi says:

I humbly nod to all the superwomen of the world, especially my mother, who amazingly do it all.

I think Heidi’s imaginatively quirky compositions make for fun viewing and I imagine she had a lot of fun making them too… I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

The LoverThe Lover

The CleanerThe Cleaner

The CookThe Cook

The Dog WalkerThe Dog Walker

The GardenerThe Gardener

The HandymanThe Handyman

The LaundressThe Laundress

The ManagerThe ManagerThe MotherThe MotherThe OrganizerThe OrganizerThe PhotographerThe Photographer

The ProviderThe Provider

The Travel PlannerThe Travel Planner

The YogiThe Yogi

The Lover IIThe Lover II

You can see more of Heidi’s diverse range of work here.

So what do you think of these images? Do tell!

Have you had fun on a similarly quirky project? Or does this one inspire you to embark on one of your own sometime?

Share your thoughts – I’d love to hear them!

8 thoughts on “She can leap tall buildings – can you?

    • I’m delighted they float your boat too, Elisa – thank you for commenting, I always appreciate you sharing your impressions…

    • It’s refreshing to view a different photographic take on a topic, isn’t it! Thank you for dropping by, Zelmare…

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