Everything will be ok

Everything will be ok (animation still)

image ⓒ Don Hertzfeldt

I just stumbled across a delightfully quirky short film via the wonderful Lomography site. It’s titled “Everything will be ok”.

Created in 2006 by Don Hertzfeldt, this little gem’s been enjoyed all around the world and has received numerous accolades, including the Best Short Film (Jury Prize) at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Described as “moving” and “darkly original”, this animation’s a fabulously imaginative combination of engaging little stick figure drawings and lo-tech 35mm filmography and provides the viewer with a host of sigh-inducing glimpses of life.

There really is something incredibly poignant about the little stick figure “Bill” contemplating big questions about life and mortality as he descends into breakdown. (But don’t worry, everything will be ok!) Don Herzfeldt explains it like this:

I think it’s easier to project yourself into a simpler looking character. Maybe it’s because the drawings seem more candid or honest somehow — as some artists like to say, you have to leave room in the frame for people to dream.

If you have just 17 minutes to spare, do check it out – see below!

NB Perhaps an “adult themes” warning is appropriate here for anyone with a child gazing over their shoulder and for more sensitive souls…

So, what did you think? Do tell – there’s a comment box just for the purpose below!

Oh, and if you’d like to know more about Don Hertzfeldt’s projects, just click here.

2 thoughts on “Everything will be ok

  1. I enjoyed that a great deal. You casually walk along with Bill, things make sense and things begin to tilt a little and you can let go and be with the familiar and funny and disturbing and sad. Thanks for sharing this!

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