To the summit

Mount Wellington

The bitumen road ahead circles the mountain’s substantial girth, climbing steadily toward the summit, its wet surface pockmarked by potholes paned with thin sheets of carbonated ice.

The summit, at last. You step from the car, swaddled in layers. Still the shock of the icy blast catches your breath as salt-laden winds, fresh from the Great Southern Ocean, sheer off the mountain’s craggy edges.

All is slate grey. The lichen-covered rocks like slippery beached seals; the misty swirl of cloud that threatens to envelop you; the grim face of the toiling park ranger, too long immersed in this unforgiving landscape.

image and words ⓒ SWS

6 thoughts on “To the summit

    • Hi Zelmare – Mount Wellington has many changing moods. I’ll have to post a bright-blue-skied summer’s day image of the mountain too in the interests of balance!

  1. Good morning. Your picture makes me feel how lucky l am to be born in this wonderful world .l thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity.Happiness is the key to success and success is the key to happiness.

    • Believe it or not, on clear days the vista over the city and the Derwent Estuary some 1300 metres (4000 feet) below is really spectacular and makes for thoroughly enjoyable walking. It can certainly be an inhospitable place in bad weather though! Appreciate you taking the time to view and comment, Barbara – thank you…

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