Blogger award

An unexpected and happy surprise awaited me today when I discovered (insert drum roll here) that I’d received a Kreativ Blogger Award!

Warm thanks go to Jai over at Free The Bird for the kind and generous nomination!

(If you haven’t already had the pleasure, do make sure you check out Jai’s wonderful blog… it will be time well spent!)

Apparently the rules around receiving this award are as follows:

  1. you must thank the blogger who honored you with the award and provide a link to their site (thanks again Jai!)
  2. you must list 7 facts about yourself that readers just might find interesting
  3. you should nominate 7 other bloggers, provide readers with links to their sites and advise them of their win

Okay, firstly here are 7 things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I suspect I may be addicted to downloading iPhone photography apps (I mean, just how many does a girl really need?)
  2. in high school, I secretly hid under the chemistry lab to smoke cigarettes, but I guess almost everyone did that? (I’m pleased I’m a non-smoker now though!)
  3. I have shiny red pedicured toenails at all times
  4. I adore the enchanting sound of rain on a tin roof
  5. for me, candle flames and open wood fires are totally mesmerising
  6. cosying up between bedsheets that have been sun-dried in fresh seaside air makes me feel happy
  7. I love it when my dog Janey casually crosses her front legs – I just want to kiss her on the nose and squeeze her furry little cheeks!

And now here are my seven nominations for Kreativ Blogger Awards:

  1. Lovely Lindsey – for impressive imagery and inspiring, quirky quotes
  2. Joshi Daniel Photography – for great portraiture
  3. Project 365 by Kenneth Todd – for a photo a day that reflects real life
  4. Michael Brian Photography – for Michael’s heartwarming canine imagery
  5. Fun & Fabulousness – for Elisa’s enthusiastic zest for fun and fabulousness!
  6. Abe Pacana Outdoor Photography – for easy-to-follow tutorials and helpful advice
  7. Barbara Elka – for Barbara’s well-executed and creative imagery

Be sure to check out these fab blogs – enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Blogger award

    • Thank you, Robby – I see you’re studying art theory too; good luck with your dissertation! (I’m currently writing on authenticity as it relates to postmodernist appropriation!) Appreciate you dropping by…
      Best wishes,

  1. Oh my gosh, I was going to comment on your post and I saw you mentioned my name!! Thank you a million times!
    P.S. I would like to hear more about this smoking under the chemistry lab!! I would have never done that because I would have been the first to have gotten caught….

    • Hee hee…. just a brief interlude of garden variety teenage rebellion I think! I suspect all and sundry were well aware of what we thought we were being so secretive about anyway! 🙂 Thanks for your latest visit, Elisa… and you’re most welcome for the well-deserved nomination!
      Best wishes,

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