Don’t miss these fetching canine portraits!

Image #4 by Michael Brian

Well, I don’t know about you, but I just can’t imagine life without our precious canine companions!

One dog-lover who I’m sure agrees is the talented photographer Michael Brian. I follow Michael’s fabulous blog showcasing his extensive portfolio of heartwarming canine portraits as part of his regular Dog of The Day posts. (That’s one of his gorgeous photographs at the top of this post.)

Michael explains the sole purpose of his dog imagery is to raise the global consciousness to the magical gifts dogs provide for us.

For your viewing enjoyment, here are some more images from Michael’s wonderful blog:

Image #1 by Michael Brian

Image #2 by Michael Brian

Image #4 by Michael Brian

Image #5 by Michael Brian

Image #6 by Michael Brian

Image #7 by Michael Brian

Image #8 by Michael Brian

And perhaps my very favourite of all…

Image #9 by Michael Brian

All above images ⓒ Michael Brian

And there are loads more terrific shots in this photographer’s impressive portfolio of work, so do make sure you click on through to Michael’s blog and website for even more delightful canine portraits!

Oh… and before I sign off…

I promised I’d post a photograph of our two Hungarian Viszla dishlickers. Now, when it comes to photographing my female dog, Janey, this is not so difficult.

However, when it comes to photographing the male dog, Major, I’ve found it nigh on impossible to capture a good shot of him! Whenever I try to surreptitiously lift the camera’s viewfinder to my eye without being noticed, he’s immediately on to me, skulking away and point blank refusing to look in my direction. (I guess I should just press paws?)

I’ve tried capturing Major unawares while dozing (him, not me), but even that’s problematic because he has a habit of sleeping with his eyes half open which really doesn’t make for a very becoming image! Unfortunately, it seems I’m never going to make outstanding dog imagery like Michael Brian! 😦

Nonetheless, today I’m sharing with you a picture of Janey… hopefully a half decent shot of Major is to follow!

In the words of Mark Knopfler, Janey is my Darling Pretty… hope you love her too!


Image ⓒ SWS

6 thoughts on “Don’t miss these fetching canine portraits!

  1. I love the picture of the weimaraner…..we had one when I was growing up. Her name was Lady and she was very elegant looking, but such a goofus!!

    I love your Janey! Such soulful eyes.

    • Hehe – goofus! That’s a very descriptive word! 🙂 The Weimaraner is Manu – Michael’s own dog… gorgeous, isn’t he! And yes, Janey’s soulful expression means there are times she gets away with things she oughtn’t get away with! Thank you for taking the time to view and comment, Elisa…

    • This is Janey’s ‘It wasn’t me!’ expression, where she draws her ears down like girly pigtails to maximise the impression of childlike innocence. Of course, most of the time it works a treat.
      Susie 🙂

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