The allure of captivating visuals

If, like me, you’re into impressive imagery, quirky quotes, dynamic design, amazing art and fabulous food, check out the captivating visuals over at Lovely Lindsey’s blog.

But first, here’s a little random preview for your viewing pleasure

You can see a whole lot more over here.

I really love the diverse and imaginative combination of captivating visuals that Lindsey incorporates into her blog – what about you?

8 thoughts on “The allure of captivating visuals

  1. Absolutely wonderful photography. So original!

    The photograph is different. Different is good.
    The female reminds me of my youngest sister. She’s very pretty.
    The food is making me debate going to the store right now.
    Saturday, I’m smiling.
    The keyboard is clever and I thank you for posting it.
    The pictures\desk make me wonder if someone lives there? So perfect.
    My next life I’m going blonde.
    “Dead Poet’s Society”
    Childhood, Disney, innocence…
    No ketchup says this was not taken in America.
    Ying and Yan
    Bad Hair Day

    • Thank you for sharing your considered responses to these images – I’m delighted you like them too! It’s fascinating how photographs evoke so many personal associations, isn’t it?! Thank you too for taking the time to browse my blog – it’s much appreciated…
      Best wishes,

    • Hi Zelmare,
      Yes – don’t those chips (fries) look delicious! (You’re about to have breakfast and I’m about to prepare dinner!) Really pleased you enjoyed these shots – thank you for dropping by…
      Best wishes,

    • HI Xandré,
      Check out the link to Lindsey’s site if you have some time to spare – you’ll find lots more great images there! Thank you again for visiting my blog – I really appreciate your interest!
      Best wishes,

        • You have to register as a tumblr blogger… I don’t think you have to actually have a “live” blog to follow people though, because I’ve only just created a tumblr blog address (without any content) and yet I’m successfully following Lindsey’s tumblr blog… And yes, browsing her blog involves a LOT of scrolling! 🙂

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