The appeal of surreal photography (part I)

I really like this image which I discovered on onexposure – it’s titled skydancer and was made by German photographer Csilla H.

So what is it about this photograph that floats my boat?

It’s the pleasing mono tones, the textured overlay, the off-centre composition, the soft glow of cool light that silhouettes the curiously suspended passengers, the whimsical, mystical, surreal atmosphere

While there’s a widely-held notion, discussed in my earlier post, that a photograph provides ‘evidence‘, instead this image poses far more questions than it answers – which is very much part of its appeal for me.

Csilla’s work features many of the evocative elements evident in the fabulous photography of Berenika, which I highlighted in this previous post – check it out!

So what about you – do you like skydancer too? Share your thoughts!

thoughts? let me know what you think!

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