Street photographer – Rui Palha

Further to my earlier post about the legal issues surrounding street photography, I’d like to share what I think makes the genre so compelling, together with the work of a great street photographer

Street photography is challenging because shooting candid images in public spaces means you have to leave your comfort zone, to make yourself vulnerable somehow. And it’s rewarding because ordinary, everyday things often make for extraordinary images.

A photograph tells a story and with street photography that story usually remains untold/unknown but never unthought-of – because I made a photograph to remember it by…
Errol Lyons-Rainey

Great street photographers instinctively see the moment, seize it, and yet their presence never intrudes on the scene.

One such example is Rui Palha, an award-winning photographer from Portugal. There’s so much to like about his work – the gorgeous tonal qualities; clever framing; dynamic points of view; his intuitive use of available light; the way he makes the viewer feel present…

Here are some random samples of his work – what do you think?

15 thoughts on “Street photographer – Rui Palha

    • Hi Louise – thank you for dropping by… I’m new to blogging and you are officially my very first commenter! And yes, Rui’s work’s fabulous isn’t it – he has such a clever eye for a striking composition and the tones in his images are always gorgeous. I’ve been following his work with great interest for some years now. Thank you again for taking the time to view and comment…

    • Hello Marcos – then you have chosen well! It’s good of you to stop by – thank you for your interest… and great tee-shirt by the way!

  1. Rui Palha is of course a great street photographer, I know him for a long time and I can say that is also a great man. But besides that one must realize that “And it’s rewarding because ordinary, everyday things often make for extraordinary images.” is also true for all kind of photography wich doesnt require any kind of controlled environement.
    Who sees extraordinary out of ordinary is what matters not the kind or style one choose.

    • Yes Fernando – it’s great to see Rui’s work receiving the recognition it deserves… I appreciate you making time to comment, thank you…

    • Hi Miguel – Rui, I’m pretty sure, is the only Portuguese photographer I’ve discovered thus far, and it’s been a happy discovery… I’m grateful for your interest in my post, thank you!

  2. He is a great photographer and a down to earth individual. He is a man who reveals the true beauty of the most “ordinary”, or “forbidden” things society may fear. He is an inspiration.

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