Don’t think – just shoot!

I love lomography, and my little blue, all-plastic, medium format Diana camera, because the philosophy here is all about having fun, discarding inhibitions, breaking with conventions and, of course, making great pictures.

Lomography can be a revelation and reshape your ideas about photography. No rule-of-thirds or looking-through-the-viewfinder restrictions here!

The lomography mantra is simple… don’t think – just shoot! Shoot whatever catches your eye, engages you, astounds you, excites you.

The lomo philosophy frees you up to capture images from the hip, over your shoulder, with your eyes closed, whatever spontaneous, impulsive way you please. Blur, light leaks, vignetting and inadvertent double exposures are all part of the lomo appeal. It’s great having the option to shoot lo-fi, and whenever I want to capture something other than straight, conventional photographs, I know I can reach for my Diana.

Of course, you can shoot unconventionally with any camera, and I often do. But lomography is playful and liberating, the images wonderfully random, with that gorgeous trademark lomo look and feel – dreamy, radiant images that are somehow both out-of-focus and sharp, light and dark, enigmatic and mesmerising.

The lomo way of thinking about photography really does release your inner creativity – and it’s fun!

Do you like lomo images too? Have you ever tried lo-fi photography? Share your thoughts!

(Source of above image unknown)

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